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The Upcoming Horsemanship Challenge

February 20, 2013

On March 2, 2013 ASHAA will be hosting it’s 2nd annual Horsemanship Challenge.  This challenge is a test of your riding skills on an unknown to you horse and your ability to pilot it around the ring in a competitive situation.  There will be a walk and trot section and a walk, trot and canter section.  Each participating barn donates a suitable horses.

When you arrive and receive your number, we will all gather and draw horse names out of a hat.  You are not allowed to ride anything you have ridden before and if you draw a horse you are familiar with you must put that name back in and draw again until you have an unfamiliar horse.  Armed with your own saddle, you will find said horse, tack him and take him to a designated area where, hopefully, the trainer or owner of the horse will give you 5 minutes of instruction. When class is called, you will enter the ring and perform as the judge requests you to.  At the end of the class, the judge will score your card on a 1-10 basis.  1 being low and 10 being high.  After 2 rounds the scores are totaled and the top 12 or so riders will be asked to do it one more time.  Champion and reserve champions will then be tied with top 10 ribbons given to the rest.

It is great fun and a good attitude is a must!  Everyone is in the same position as you. Your score is not based on mistakes you make, but how you handle any issues you may have.  Also, you still want to demonstrate your horsemanship skills. Even if you are not participating, please come watch.  There is always something learn whether you are on the horse’s back or on the ground observing!

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