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Alabama Horse Talk

January 31, 2013

This morning Jackie Hale and myself had the pleasure of being interviewed by Becca Salamone host of Alabama Horse Talk Radio.  Becca was interested in the American Saddlebred Horse, the American Saddlebred Horse Association of Alabama and the Alabama Winter Tournament Association.  She approached Jackie about possibly doing an interview and agreed.   After Jackie discerned what Becca was interested in learning about, Jackie suggested I might be a useful contributor also.  I agreed because it’s always fun to have an opportunity to promote the breed!  Becca was very well prepared and made our jobs as interviewees extremely easy.  It also helps when one is passionate about the topic.

Not only did Becca learn about us and what our contributions are to the Saddlebred world, but I was able to learn about her contributions to the horse world via  I am appalled with myself that I was not previously aware of this.  I am like a glacier slowly, slowly coming into the 21st century with all this available technology.  I am teachable, but I can only absorb one thing at a time!  In this world where it seems technology is king, I am sadly just a jester on this court.

After agreeing to the interview, I went to her website to learn more about what Alabama Horse Talk is and was properly impressed with what I found.  It is not a site that is breed specific and it is actually quite the opposite.  It is an informational gathering ground which I hope to utilize regularly to learn about different breeds and what they are doing,  products old and new and interesting articles that are very informative whether you are a horse enthusiast or not.

All in all, I am feeling very smart today after learning about Becca Salamone and Alabama Horse Talk.  It makes me want to go surf the web to see what else is out there that I am missing!

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